Speech recognition technology aids radiology information workflows

Published: 22-Feb-2022

Wellbeing Software partners with Scribetech to enhance radiologist and clinical effectiveness through integration of voice recognition technology

Wellbeing Software has partnered with Scribetech to enhance radiology and clinical effectiveness through simpler workflows.

The partnership will see Wellbeing adopt Scribetech’s voice recognition (VR) technology, Augnito, into its market-leading Radiology Information System, Cris.

Augnito is a secure, portable, cloud-based, and AI-driven clinical VR product suite that offers fast, easy ways to capture live clinical data, on any device, with 99% accuracy.

Scribetech offers a range of services, each of which have been specifically developed to cover all clinical transcription needs.

By combining the intelligence of Augnito with Cris, Wellbeing will be able to offer significant benefits to customers, including faster clinician reporting, improved patient data, and a reduction in admin for support staff.

The arrangement also supports the end-of-life of Wellbeing’s current third-party clinical voice solution partner, while providing a more-relevant, web-based product offering into the future.

Steve Avery, general manager for UK operations at Wellbeing Software, said: “Scribetech’s Augnito technology can help improve efficiency and optimise workflow.

“As a web-based, zero-footprint VR solution, we can remove the administrative burden of profile management for existing customers and ensure zero-effort deployment for new ones.

“We are continuously looking for ways to improve our services and I’m confident that our partnership with Scribetech will prove to be extremely beneficial.”

Shiraz Austin, co-founder and managing director at Scribetech (UK), added: “By incorporating the knowledge and expertise of Scribetech into Wellbeing’s systems we are creating a powerful tool to support clinicians.

“Augmenting workflows with cutting edge technology can transform healthcare institutions’ efficiency and processes as well as delivering a significant return on investment.”

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