Leicester hospitals upgrade maternity information systems

Published: 9-Jun-2021

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust renews Euroking contract with Wellbeing Software

University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust has signed a contract with Wellbeing Software to renew and upgrade its maternity information system, Euroking.

The trust is a hub for high-risk women from other sites due to its specialism in maternity and has been a user of Wellbeing’s Euroking maternity software for over 30 years.

The latest upgrade gives the trust access to an up-to-date dataset and brings them in line with clinical updates and national reporting guidelines.

Wellbeing has retained those elements of Euroking that have been tailored to the specific needs of the trust and have formed the backbone of the partnership.

One such feature is the Community Administrative Office, which has been used by the infirmary for over 10 years to digitise administrative elements of maternity care.

The function means maternity teams no longer receive three different types of paperwork from women that have been discharged following birth before arranging midwife visits within three days of the discharge date.

This time-intensive process was changed to create a computerised report that would combine lists and provide administrators with the ability to filter as needed.

Team leaders are able to see the report remotely and assign midwife visits easily and efficiently.

Over the last 10 years, this has saved the trust about £300,000 a year.

Damian Kay, project manager at Wellbeing Software, said: “It was key to us that we were able to create a piece of software that balanced new features while also keeping the familiarity of previous versions.

“As we switched between the two versions, our team worked hard to ensure midwives and consultants were able to continue their daily routine without any impact being felt by the patients.”

The trust is also planning to purchase PHR for Euroking as it continues to transition from paper to digital records.

By deploying PHR, more women will have access to notes online and will not need to carry around paper records at a cost of approximately £5 per mother.

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