ELGA Process Water’s new compact heat-sanitisable RO for sterile services

Published: 24-Jan-2014

Mini system produces up to 120 litres per hour of pure water

ELGA Process Water, a Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies has introduced Thermapure Mini, the newest member of the Thermapure family of heat- sanitisable reverse osmosis (RO) units for sterile services and endoscopy applications.

Thermapure Mini produces up to 120 litres per hour of pure water and meets the latest decontamination guidelines for washer disinfectors and endoscope reprocessors.

At only 850mm high and with a 1000mm x 530mm footprint, Thermapure Mini has been designed to fit underneath work surfaces to minimise space in the endoscopy suite. In spite of its small size, Thermapure Mini has all the features of the larger Thermapure units including fully-automatic, chemical-free, heat sanitisation with a ring main temperature control to ensure a minimum sanitisation temperature of 80°C is reached and maintained for a pre-set time.

The Human Machine Interface (HMI) allows for user-defined access levels and displays unit status, real-time water quality monitoring and alarm conditions. With up to 75% recovery when fed with softened water, operating costs are the lowest in its class.

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