ELGA Process Water’s new heat sanitisable RO for endoscope reprocessing

Published: 27-Nov-2012

Thermapure meets latest decontamination guidelines for endoscopy

ELGA Process Water, a subsidiary of Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies, has launched Thermapure, its next-generation heat sanitisable reverse osmosis (RO) unit for endoscopy applications.

The compact system is an extension of its range of heat sanitisable RO systems which meet the latest decontamination guidelines for endoscopy.

The Thermapure has been developed to treat hard or softened water and offers an interchangeable user-defined RO make-up rate of between 200-600 litres per hour.

The high-quality design and flexibility allows the system to be installed to meet existing water demands while allowing additional contingency for future expansion and a long-term cost-effective solution to chemical-free sanitisation. For a softened water feed, there are also two fixed speed pump versions available for 300 or 600 litres per hour.

The design is based on 316L stainless steel and includes a 100-litre RO distribution tank, incorporating a high-efficiency heating element which contributes to low operational running costs. The HMI display allows for user-defined access levels and displays real-time water quality monitoring and alarm conditions. Sanitisation is fully automated and a ring main temperature control ensures a minimum sanitisation temperature of above 80°C is reached and maintained for a pre-set time.

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