Pure water for dental sterilisers

Published: 12-Jun-2013

ELGA Process Water launches Micra to produce hassle-free deionised water

ELGA Process Water has launched a new water purification system for small dental practices.

The Micra will be available exclusively from Henry Schein Dental and is designed to be linked directly to dental autoclaves and DAC products for automatic filling. The compact system will produce up to eight litres an hour of deionised water that meets all the requirements of BS EN 285:2006 from tap water and is a cost-effective alternative to bottled water and distillers.

The Micra can be bench top or wall mounted or installed in a cupboard to suit the smallest of dental decontamination rooms. With an integral 25litre storage tank, water is always available on demand, and its user interface provides water quality monitoring and alarms to guarantee that the purified water is always within specification. The Micra is simple to install and the low-cost purification cartridges can be replaced easily by practice staff.

The Micra uses only 10% of the energy needed to run a distillation unit, so electricity costs are significantly reduced. The low annual operating costs also mean considerable savings compared to bottled water, and there is no packaging for disposal.

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