Abacus Healthcare unveils next-generation Aquanova baths


new improved Gemini, Pisces and Aries baths unveiled at Naidex National

Now part of the Care in Bathing Group, Abacus Healthcare shares a 30-year heritage for assisted bath provision that has delivered maximum dignity, comfort and safety for vulnerable individuals.

Abacus works closely with occupational therapists to support the specialist needs of disabled adults and children within domestic, educational and residential care settings. Continuing with its tradition for product innovation, the company has invested extensively in the redevelopment of three leading products that will debut at Naidex National.

Utilising the latest components and manufacturing technologies, its popular Gemini, Pisces and Aries baths now offer even greater levels of performance and durability. Each model is considerably smoother in operation and far quieter resulting in a more enjoyable bathing experience for both user and carer. These new baths can also be installed and serviced more efficiently than previous models.

The second-generation Gemini is part of the leading Aquanova Platform Series from Abacus and has been fully re-engineered, with upgraded platform and bath height adjustment technology. It’s integrated variable height platform, delivers a three-in-one solution for bathing, drying and changing so that the number of transfers is reduced. Moving and handling risks are minimised for carers as they can operate at a safe working height and the user’s bathing experience is more comfortable and dignified.

Gordon Farmiloe, Care in Bathing managing director, said: “We are extremely proud to be introducing the next generation of Aquanova baths at Naidex National. They promise to deliver impressive benefits to therapists and their clients along with carers themselves. These new baths will also be available for demonstration and trial allowing end users and therapists to properly assess product suitability. We believe face-to-face client assessment is essential to ensure the right product is recommended and hence the individual needs of each and every bather are fully met.”

The Pisces bath, again from the Aquanova Platform Series, has also undergone an internal redesign with enhanced lifting technology - making it quieter and smoother in operation. As a compact bathing solution with integral bathing platform, it is ideal for ambulant bathers or for individuals who require some assistance transferring from a wheelchair or hoist.

Designed for use with hoisting systems, the latest-generation Aries 1700 Series bath is surprisingly compact, yet it offers an impressive 150kg safe lifting weight in addition to variable height adjustment. The Aries 1700 combines unobtrusive, stylish design with significant levels of care for a safer and more dignified method of bathing adults or children with disabilities. Slightly larger in size, the Aries 1800 Series is designed for the larger bather or for care environments with multiple occupancy, where bathers and carers have a more diverse range of needs.

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In combination with the next generation Aquanova baths, Abacus also provides a range of postural supports to customise each bath to the specific needs of the bather. Designed for individuals requiring specialist care, the range includes Knee Breaks, Back Rest Cushions and Net Postural Supports.