Rebrand for leading dementia charity

Published: 13-Apr-2017

The Alzheimer's Society rebrands itself in an effort to be more inclusive

The Alzheimer’s Society has launched a new visual identity to give a bigger voice to those affected by dementia.

Research showed the organisation’s old brand, although respected, was deemed passive, clinical, and cold - and it was clear a radical overhaul was needed.

Working with London-based creative agency, Heavenly; the charity has unveiled a new brand that everyone can participate in, and which will underpin its ambition to reach every single person affected by dementia.

The launch precedes the launch of the charity’s new strategy, New Deal on Dementia 2017-2022 and is underpinned by a new set of values which mark the charity’s new direction.

The strapline – United Against Dementia – reflects the growing dementia movement that has already begun, with nearly two million Dementia Friends and over 200 dementia-friendly communities.

Vivienne Francis, the charity’s director of marketing and external affairs, said: “While awareness of dementia is growing, it doesn’t always the attention it deserves.

“The scale of the issue is heartbreaking and there is a real sense of injustice for people affected by dementia that urgently needs to be addressed.

“We know that people affected by dementia want us to shout louder with them. They want a seat at the table and to see that society is with them.

“Our new brand will make dementia impossible to ignore and act as a rallying call for people from all walks of society to join us in uniting against dementia.

“It will also act as a vehicle to fund more research, improve care and support, and enable us to reach every single person affected by dementia.”

Throughout the development of the brand, Alzheimer’s Society and Heavenly consulted with people with dementia, supporters, and members of the public.

They discovered that people thought dementia wasn’t getting enough attention and they wanted a bolder and more-engaging brand, with a tangible icon that could be used to demonstrate their support.

The icon – the forget-me-not flower – has long been associated with dementia and treasured memories.

In line with the charity’s drive to being a campaigning organisation; Heavenly created a stylised logo that references graffiti and grass-roots change.

The visual identity has also moved from a traditional colour palette of blue and green, towards a brighter and broader pop-art-inspired palette.

To give lift off to the brand, the charity has also launched a new website which embodies its new look and feel.

Rebrand for leading dementia charity

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