One-stop lighting solution for state-of-the-art Spire Nottingham Hospital

Published: 3-Jul-2018

Luminaires contribute to sustainability credentials at private hospital

Luminaires from Zumtobel Lighting and Thorn Lighting have made an important contribution to the sustainability credentials of the Spire Nottingham Hospital.

To help create a state-of-the-art environment for patients and staff alike, Zumtobel and Thorn have supplied a variety of fittings to illuminate all areas of the 58-bed hospital including the main entrance, offices and consulting rooms, operating theatres, corridors, bedrooms, and nursing bases.

The £60m facility is owned by Spire Healthcare, a leading independent hospital group that offers high standards of care for insured, self-pay and NHS patients and is the company’s flagship hospital.

It is a new two-storey building with external single-storey buildings, service yard, 300-bay car park and access road, complete with roof plant deck and ground-floor plantrooms.

Designed and built with extensive input from consultants, staff and patients, the 58-bed new hospital has five theatres, an endoscopy suite, a 20-room outpatients department and oncology suite, as well as an advanced radiology department that comprises a 3T MRI, CT and X-ray.

Zumtobel Caela pendants, featuring edge-lit LED technology, have been chosen for their flexibility and aesthetic qualities to illuminate the main entrance.

The precisely-processed diffuser material of Caela enables exact dispersion of the light emitted and the luminaires can also turn 355° and tilt 45° so several luminaires can form a curve, a wave or architectural feature as desired.

Zumtobel Slotlight Infinity has also been used in the main entrance and throughout the ensuites and circulation areas.

It creates an excellent, continuous flow of illumination with no shadows, providing an eye-catching, streamlined strip of uniform light. Additionally, the en-suites utilise Zumtobel Panos Infinity and Panos Evolution recessed LED downlights.

Panos is small and simple yet at the same time very powerful and efficient, while Panos Infinity and Panos Evolution has also been used in the corridors and meeting rooms.

Zumtobel Lightfields Evolution was chosen for the consulting rooms and Lightfields Evolution mini for the bedrooms to deliver a perfect, glare-free light.

In the operating theatres, Zumtobel Clean Advanced LED was installed to protect against contamination of any sort, including airborne dust particles, bacteria and viruses.

A continuous, precision-formed foam, non-ageing seal between the cover and luminaire housing, as well as between the luminaire and ceiling, ensures a perfectly-tight joint.

Trouble-free operation in rooms with positive and negative pressure containment systems is ensured, as is IP65 protection from below.

Internal catch locks are used in order to prevent particles from accumulating on external fastener components.

And cleanly-mitred corners, precisely-welded joints and precision workmanship further enhance high the degree of protection.

For this project the Clean Advanced have been customised with green and blue LED boards to support the hospital staff in their work and helps to calm patients down.

Other Zumtobel luminaires are to be found throughout the building, including Resclite & Puresign, Sequence and Slotlight II RGB in the meeting rooms, ML5 for offices and Helissa on the stairs. Supersystem spots have been installed in the nurse bases.

Zumtobel’s LITECOM lighting management system is being used for the emergency and to optimise the lighting solution for with regard to visual comfort and energy efficiency in bedrooms, corridors, the boardroom and main entrance.

From control of individual rooms up to several floors or whole buildings: the functions and dimensions of the LITECOM system can be configured to suit the user. It can be controlled via conventional switches and Zumtobel control units, smartphones, tablets or other computers. This includes, among other things, dimming luminaires, saving lighting scenes, and controlling screens, windows and blinds.

Other functions, such as daylight-based lighting management, are covered by optional apps, allowing for future changes and additions.

If glare protection is also integrated into the LITECOM system via scene call or manual, independent adjustment of the blinds and slat positioning, visual comfort will be enhanced, as there will be no glare even when the sun is low.

The resulting, extremely-efficient luminaires achieve maximum energy savings with energy consumption reduced by 25% through the use of luminaires fitted with electronic control gear with a dimming function.

Presence detectors and switch-on times that are stored in LITECOM's central building calendar can yield additional potential savings of 20-40 %. Even manual adjustment of lighting scenes to the respective activity will decrease electricity costs in many cases. Up to 75% of the energy consumed by lighting can be saved in functional buildings by making optimum use of daylight.

To complete the suite of products supplied by Zumtobel Group, Thorn Lighting has provided Thorn Omega luminaires for the store rooms and kitchen. With its slim 12mm profile, the fitting incorporates a UV-stabilised opal acrylic diffuser to retain its clean look.

The IP44-rated Omega provides excellent glare control (UGR<19/22) and is easily retrofitted, while maintenance is significantly reduced by the 50,000 hours’ life of the 4000K LED lamps supplied with the fitting.

Thorn Impact Force high-performance, impact-resistant IP65-rated luminaires were chosen for the plant areas and Thorn Leopard IP65, 4000K LED bulkhead has been installed in the roof plant.

Energy-efficient, robust and impact-resistant EyeKon LED bulkheads from Thorn have been mounted on the exterior of the building.

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