Future Energy Solutions achieves substantial energy savings for Spire Healthcare

Published: 16-Mar-2016

LED lighting installation achieves 73% energy savings and saves £800,000 over 10 years

Future Energy Solutions (FES) has completed a major LED lighting installation for Spire Healthcare.

The 38-site project was finished on time and within budget and Spire Healthcare is now able to significantly reduce its energy spend while enjoying excellent levels of illumination in its external car parking areas.

The company recognised the need to reduce its lighting-related energy spend while maintaining good levels of illumination for the benefit of staff, patients and visitors. After a competitive tender, where participants gave their recommendations, the contract was awarded to FES, which is now one of the world’s-leading energy performance solutions providers.

The project began in June 2014 and was completed in two phases – the first comprising 21 of the largest energy-consuming sites – and FES replaced 1,184 fittings in total. The new LED luminaires have achieved in excess of 73% energy savings, while also providing 25% better light output. Furthermore, they have an enhanced rated life of up to 20 times better than the previous luminaires in some cases.

“Spire Healthcare will save just under £800,000 over a 10-year period,’ said Marcus Brodin, commercial director at FES.

“This figure includes over £564,000 in energy savings, over £188,000 in maintenance costs, and £43,000 in environmental tax savings related to the CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme.

“With an overall energy usage reduction in excess of 428,000kWh, the effect on the environment will also be significant , with CO2 mono-nitrogen oxide and sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions all drastically lowered.”

The previous infrastructure comprised over 44 different luminaire types, ranging from small 50W bulkhead fittings to large 1000W floodlights, all of various ages and conditions. In order to deliver a degree of uniformity FES installed five core LED replacement luminaires from the Thorlux lighting range – the Corn Lamp, Flood, Wallpack, 1500mm LED Luminaire and Globe.

“We take corporate social responsibility very seriously and our new LED lighting infrastructure will make a massive contribution to the company’s overall objectives in this area,” said Nigel Sharp, national estates director at Spire Healthcare.

“The results from the first phase of the installation exceeded all expectations, so rolling the technology out across the rest of the estate was an easy decision to make.

“We are currently looking to introduce LED lighting into other areas of the sites and I hope we can work together again and achieve similarly-impressive results.”

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