Olympus launches medical recorder and content management solution

Published: 28-Jan-2019

nCare and VaultStream protect healthcare facilities and patient information

Olympus has launched nCare, an easy-to-use, reliable and secure networked medical recorder; and VaultStream, a cutting-edge medical content management solution within the hospital network.

Combined, nCare and VaultStream form an offering of storage, access and sharing of recorded procedures which are General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR) compliant and meet an increased demand in security expectations.

The hospital-wide documentation solution is secure, intuitive, and accessible anywhere.

The nCare medical recorder and the VaultStream medical content management system support efficient clinical workflows and safeguard recorded images and videos while providing flexibility in various healthcare environments.

nCare captures images and videos from up to two surgical devices simultaneously.

Recorded visual data can then be stored locally or managed automatically on VaultStream, allowing the user to access patient records via mobile devices or remote computers in a secure and accommodating manner.

Clinicians and nurses can then share images and videos easily throughout the hospital.

Moreover, the system provides easy-to-use and advanced video editing tools.

The video footage can be adjusted before submission to Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS), ensuring storage efficiency.

Additionally, clinicians can be confident that all procedure videos will be available anywhere and anytime due to the automatic background video recording feature.

nCare and VaultStream support GDPR compliancy by meeting the highest standards for information, security and privacy. It ensures that patient case information is only available to authorised users and remains confidential.

In the event of an unexpected power loss recorded procedure data remains intact, helping hospitals to gain a new level of confidence in their data and recording systems when performing complex procedures.

David Gillett, senior product manager for systems integration at Olympus, said: ‘These are exciting times. The new products strengthen Olympus' integration portfolio as we are able to offer a secure video content management system within the hospital network, where patients’ pictures and videos can be accessed from anywhere.

“We can also now offer a solution to healthcare facilities to significantly reduce risk of exposure to potential data breaches and most importantly, protect patient privacy.”

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