NHS laundry supplier sets benchmark for infection control

Published: 29-Feb-2012

Sunlight gains bio-contamination control certification

An NHS laundry and textiles supplier has obtained the highest level of bio-contamination control certification in the UK.

Sunlight has obtained EN14065 accreditation for all its healthcare facilities following an independent assessment lasting a year.

Steven Finch, the company’s managing director for UK and Ireland, said: “Our goal is always to lead and not follow. While this has involved a significant investment on our part, both in training and internal systems, it demonstrates our commitment to maintain our position as the market-leading provider. Microbiologically clean linen plays an essential role in helping to eliminate hospital acquired infections (HAIs), and in achieving EN14065 we are maintaining our critical role in that process.”

The accreditation acknowledges Sunlight’s approach to regular microbiology testing of surfaces, staff hands, washing machine processes, vehicles, containers and water samples, through its own UKAS-accredited laboratory. The company is the only linen provider to have such a microbiological centre.

The EN14065 accreditation also covers Sunlight’s Irish operation, Spring Grove Services.

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