New online system launched for provision of PPE

Published: 1-Mar-2022

New website ensures continuity of distribution to frontline health and care staff

A new online platform has been launched to help health and care staff order personal protective equipment (PPE).

The system builds on user feedback to improve the experience of those using the site.

Following a mitigation project, from 4 April, all customers will be automatically redirected to the new PPE portal from the previous site, which will be managed by NHS Supply Chain.

During the soft launch of the new portal, the department carried out a survey and received 446 responses.

A total of 96% of respondents stated they were either ‘very satisfied’ (76%) or ‘satisfied’ (20%) with the new website.

And 97% stated they were either ‘very confident’ (85%) or ‘confident’ (12%) when using the software.

The PPE portal will serve a range of health, care, and public sector providers, including GPs, adult social care specialists, dentists, orthodontists, community pharmacies, optometrists, children’s social care providers, drug and alcohol services, other government departments, local authorities, and independent sector providers who carry out NHS work across England.

Last month, it was announced that following a public consultation, NHS trusts, primary care, and adult social care providers will continue to receive COVID-19 PPE free of charge until 31 March 2023, or until infection prevention and control (IPC) guidance is withdrawn or significantly amended.

The new platform cements the department’s commitment to continuous improvement of this critical service, including considerations around product offerings and who is eligible to use it.

Some of the key benefits of the new platform are a more user-friendly site that makes it easier to place orders, view order limits and track deliveries, and, where needed, the capability for responding to, and mitigating against, evolving situations and potential future health crises.

Eligible users have been emailed about their transfer to the new platform and communication will continue over the coming weeks.

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