New chemotherapy suite at Burnley General Hospital


The new suite includes 14 chair chemo chairs, 7 chemotherapy rooms and a sensory room

Gilling Dod, specialist architects for the healthcare industry, have worked with East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust in the redevelopment of the Burnley General Hospital site.

As part of the overall reconfiguration, Gilling Dod relocated a number of departments, including the new chemotherapy suite.

The new chemotherapy department benefits from a 14 chair chemo suite, 7 chemotherapy rooms and a sensory room.

Every effort was made to create a warm, welcoming and relaxing environment for the patients to undergo their treatment.

The feedback from staff, patients and their families could not have been more positive since the unit opened in December 2017.

Working closely with the clinical teams and patient groups, Gilling Dod included key elements within the design to ensure efficient patient and staff flows, exceptional space standards for those undergoing treatment and carefully designed and located artwork to enhance the overall environment and patient experience.

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