Mobile surgical solution installed at Glenfield Hospital

Published: 19-May-2022

Mobile healthcare infrastructure helps trust add additional capacity for essential elective surgical procedures

Vanguard Healthcare Solutions is working alongside University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust in creating a mobile surgical solution including mobile laminar flow and standard theatres alongside a mobile ward at its Glenfield Hospital site.

The solution will enable the trust to add to its capacity to provide essential daycase procedures and reduce waiting times.

The solution means patients can be admitted and discharged without leaving the facility, assisting with infection control and creating a better patient experience.

The unit includes both a standard theatre and laminar flow theatre and procedures will run on a two-three month rotation and will include general surgery, gynaecology, gastroenterology, vascular, urology, and musculoskeletal.

The surgical hub, which is connected to the main hospital building via a purpose-built corridor is set to be on site at Glenfield Hospital for at least 12 months and will operate five-days-a-week initially.

As well as the two theatres and ward, Vanguard will also be providing a unit facilitator who will work in collaboration with an external provider of clinical staff and UHL’s surgical teams.

The solution has been created using mobile clinical spaces.

This includes a mobile laminar flow theatre alongside a standard theatre and ward space, which includes a reception, consultation rooms, staff facilities, and a six to eight-bed ward.

Vanguard laminar flow theatres are designed and built by Vanguard and provide an anaesthetic room, operating theatre, two-bed first-stage recovery area, staff changing room, and utility areas.

The laminar flow specification offers HEPA Filtered environmental air, conforming to Grade A EUGMP, with up to 600 air changes per hour passing over the patient, necessary for orthopaedic work.

John Quarmby, account manager for the North at Vanguard, said: “We are delighted to be working with the trust on this important project, which will help it add capacity for essential surgical procedures.

“The team from Vanguard worked alongside the trust’s management, clinical, and estates teams to create this bespoke solution to meet their specific needs.

“Combining both high-quality standard and laminar flow clinical spaces with the ward means patients have a straightforward journey, and patient flow is maximised.

“We are also currently working with the trust providing a dual-procedure endoscopy suite at Leicester General Hospital and we’re delighted to have furthered our working relationship on this fantastic project.”

Vanguard also provides clinical support and nursing staff as well as support services including equipment supply, enabling works, and turnkey solutions.

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