New solution enhances patient services at Pennine hospital trust

Published: 22-Aug-2017

Fairfield General Hospital installs Fujifilm Visionary Suite X-ray room

Fairfield General Hospital, part of Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, is the latest hospital to install the Fujifilm Visionary Suite X-ray room solution.

The Visionary Suite, which was launched in the UK just over a year ago, now has installations around the country.

It delivers Fujifilm’s exceptional DR detector and image processing technology in a room that is sleek, efficient and user friendly.

Unique image processing functions like Virtual Grid and Dynamic Visualisation II enhance image quality by using algorithms to automatically detect anatomy, applying specific processing algorithms for the image captured, and reducing dose through the use of Virtual Grid.

The room is fully automated, which produces significant improvements in productivity, and detectors can be shared with other rooms or mobiles.

The D-Evo II can even be used in memory mode with an analogue mobile or as a disaster recovery solution for other non-Fujifilm DR equipment.

“Fujifilm represented good value for money for cutting-edge technology, while also providing excellent image quality” said Michele Mayes, radiology department manager at Fairfield.

“After appraising several manufacturers, the Visionary Suite felt like the best replacement for our workhorse CR room.

“It was the most user friendly system and offered an excellent multi detector solution, which we feel will demonstrate a significant improvement in speed of imaging and improvement in image quality - improvements which will ultimately enhance the service to our patients.

“The equipment is providing excellent image quality with ease, and the staff find the software easy to use and intuitive.

“We already have the Fujifilm FDR Go mobile X-ray unit, and having the room and mobile will give us the added benefit of detector sharing if necessary.”

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