Mile End Hospital reaps benefits of energy-saving ventilation technology

Published: 17-Oct-2014

Barts Health is first NHS trust in country to use Quintex System

Mile End Hospital, part of Barts Health NHS Trust, is the first hospital in the UK to use Cheetah, the demand-controlled ventilation system from Quintex.

Completely unique to the hospital marketplace, Cheetah is now installed in the main kitchen at the hospital, which is used to cook food for staff and events. It will save Mile End 49,794kWh and 13.3 tonnes of CO₂ a year, achieving a payback of just 1.97 years and a projected annual financial saving of several thousands of pounds.

Cheetah is an exceptionally-effective system, saving valuable energy within a commercial kitchen environment. It uses sensor technology to detect cooking activity levels and reduces ventilation fan speeds so that extract rates are matched to cooking demands, so optimising energy use. While this is the first time a hospital has installed the system, it is used by many well-known brands in a variety of other sectors including Tesco, Ikea, JD Wetherspoons, Whitbread, Center Parcs, and many others.

Steve Royce, head of estates at Mile End Hospital, said: “We have been delighted by how simple the system is and how much energy we have been able to save. While the majority of our catering is outsourced, we still have a main kitchen which is heavily in use, and with energy saving such an important consideration for the NHS we are thrilled with the results achieved. We will now be looking to see if the technology can be employed elsewhere in the hospital.”

Simon Jarman, chief executive of Quintex, added: “This is the first time we’ve installed our system into a hospital and the excellent results achieved have been incredibly gratifying. We’re now working closely with Barts Health, one of the UK’s largest NHS trusts, to progress rolling the system out to other hospitals in the trust.”

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