Lexacom revolutionises speech recognition

Published: 21-Mar-2016

Digital dictation company launches Lexacom Echo

Lexacom has launched a new cloud-based speech recognition solution.

Available from the this month, Lexacom Echo is destined to revolutionise speech recognition technology, delivering a new sophisticated solution available to anyone using Lexacom’s advanced digital dictation platform, Lexacom 3.

This new solution has been designed to remove the many barriers traditionally associated with speech recognition and to offer complete flexibility, accuracy and a high level of transparency with no upfront investment nor the need for any upgraded or expensive hardware.

Lexacom Echo provides two modes for dictation, allowing users to choose the most-appropriate option for their needs. Accessed via Lexacom 3, the system offers deferred speech recognition as a standard service and, at the touch of a button, direct ‘live’ speech recognition compatible with any third-party software.

Until now, one of the biggest barriers to using speech recognition has been the cost of buying the service. Lexacom Echo removes this barrier with its innovative approach to pricing.

Occasional users can opt for a PAYG option where they only pay for what they use, with no minimum term or pre payment, whereas more-regular users can opt for a monthly subscription, giving them unlimited use of the service. Lexacom also believes that customers should only pay for accurate transcription, and as such, PAYG customers will not be charged for any errors they may need to correct. In addition, profession-specific dictionaries are regularly updated within the system, providing full, accurate support for medical, legal and business terminology.

Lexacom Echo is compatible on any PC running Lexacom 3. All updates are included in the charges and, on top of all of this, bespoke one-to-one training sessions are available to users, ensuring they have the best experience from using the Lexacom Echo software.

Dr Andrew Whiteley, managing director, said: “This is a very exciting time for Lexacom as we launch Lexacom Echo. We continually strive to offer the best solutions for our customers and Lexacom Echo represents a great step forward for professional speech recognition.

“I am delighted that we can give our customers the opportunity to find the most-effective tools for them to create documents accurately, securely and efficiently – all from within Lexacom 3. We fully understand the constraints on our customers’ workloads and continually work with them to provide solutions, such as Lexacom Echo, that will ease the pressures they are under.”

Lexacom 3 digital dictation platform is the only solution approved for use with all of the UK’s primary care clinical systems and integrates with third-party outsourced transcription services and Docmail’s Print to Post services. Together with the Lexacom Mobile app, Lexacom offers the perfect end-to-end workflow solution for document creation. All features are designed to fully enhance and support the complete document workflow, from creation through to delivery, improving accuracy, efficiency and cost savings in the workplace.

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