Lexacom signs deal with Microtest to provide full integration with UK clinical systems

Published: 17-Aug-2017

Partnership will enable improved efficiency and accuracy

Lexacom Digital Dictation has signed a partnership deal with clinical system provider, Microtest, which will see the two software systems integrate fully, improving efficiency and accuracy for GP practices and their patients.

This latest deal means Lexacom is the only digital dictation provider to offer full integration with every UK clinical system – Microtest, Emis, SystmOne and Vision.

Microtest is used by GP practices throughout the UK. Those practices dictating with Lexacom will now be able to automatically retrieve relevant patient data from the Microtest system and add files, notes and other attachments to dictations, before sending them electronically to their admin team for transcribing.

Once typed and approved, letters and other notes will be automatically filed in the electronic patient record on Microtest, providing an easily-accessible, secure audit trail.

When combined with Lexacom’s other features, including secure information sharing across sites, mobile dictation, optional speech recognition and advanced reporting, full integration with Microtest and other clinical systems allows GP practices to deliver an even-better service to patients.

Chris Netherton, managing director at Microtest, said: “We are delighted to be working in partnership with Lexacom Digital Dictation to provide full integration with our clinical system.

“At Microtest, we are focused on using technology to help clinicians work smarter, not harder, with the overall goal of improving patient care, which is exactly what this deal with Lexacom will help us achieve.”

Dr Andrew Whiteley, managing director at Lexacom, added: “Health are needs the very-best technology to meet the rapidly-growing needs of patients.

“Integrating Lexacom with clinical systems has already delivered significant time-saving and accuracy benefits to GP practices across the UK.

“This partnership deal with Microtest now means every practice using Lexacom Digital Dictation can access those benefits and we look forward to working with Microtest users in the coming months.”

Lexacom is the leading provider of digital dictation software to the healthcare market, with over 50% of UK GPs now relying on the system to securely dictate, transcribe and send referrals and other healthcare correspondence.

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