Introducing Aspire SmartSync

Published: 29-Sep-2016

Aspire SmartSync is a new and innovative approach to wireless nurse call communication.

Developed by Static Systems’ in-house teams it achieves the fundamental requirement of facilitating fast system response times for life-critical calls using standard, off-the-shelf batteries to power devices.

It’s the technology that puts Aspire smartsync above the competition

SmartSync synchronizes all wireless nurse call devices to within 2 milliseconds to achieve:

  • A completely wireless system all the way down to the over door and follow lamp units
  • Substantial reduction in power consumption
  • Fast call initiation times comparable with wired systems
  • Secure ‘two-way’ health checking
  • Full monitoring with ‘battery low’ alert
  • Missing device notification
  • High system integrity and more robust communication, including message verification before raising a call
  • Reduced maintenance and improved whole life costs
  • Reliable system backup on SD card

Other outstanding Aspire SmartSync features include:

  • Standard Alkaline AA and D cell batteries to power devices, including over door units and follow lamps
  • Greatly reduced number of system components
  • RNIB endorsed patient hand units with 5 year warranty, for ease of use by the elderly and partially sighted
  • Choice of 7” and 15” staff indicator
  • Consistent component design and system of operation to ‘wired’ systems, including follow-the-light over door units
  • Integration with Fusion-IP ‘wired’ nurse call systems
  • Straightforward ‘out-of-the- box’ and ‘ready-to-go’ set-up
  • Exceptional range

FusionWare Management Tools offering advanced functionality usually only available with a wired system:

  • Fusion Analytics
  • MIMic
  • Pop-up notifications
  • Interfacing with 3rd party solutions including Schneider StructureWare, MultiTone i-page and i-message

Introducing Noti-fi wireless healthcare alarm notification system

Introducing Aspire SmartSync

Noti-fi is an ingeniously simple means of wirelessly interfacing third-party equipment to a Static Systems’ nurse call system.

Simply, the existing patient hand unit is replaced with the noti-fi equivalent. A third-party device, typically a pressure mat or remote alarm input is connected to a noti-fi interface unit. The two devices are then ‘paired’ by pressing a button on the hand unit.

Instantly, the third-party device forms an integral part of the nurse call system; taking on the characteristics of other patient-to-staff alarms including follow-the light operation, alerts at the nurse station, paging notifications, etc.

At a glance:

  • Easy to install, cost-effective, wireless solution
  • Uses existing infrastructure, including staff indicator with follow-the-light operation
  • ‘Battery low’ notification
  • Can automatically operate bed and room lighting upon raising a call

Typical applications include:

  • Bed exit alert
  • Remote nurse call buttons
  • Enuresis alarm
  • Chair exit alert
  • Special needs call units
  • Bedroom door alarm
  • Infusion pump alert
Introducing Aspire SmartSync

“Whether it be part of a new build, ward refurbishment, or technology refresh our philosophy is to be in a position to recommend the best solution to match requirements and budget. Our full range of IP solutions put us in a unique position to do this,” said Static Systems’ Director of Marketing, Phil Wade.

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