Government of Jersey starts digital journey with IMS MAXIMS' EPR

Published: 21-Oct-2021

Supplier chosen to support island's digital transformation

IMS MAXIMS has been selected as the preferred Electronic Patient Record (EPR) supplier to work alongside the Government of Jersey to support its digital journey.

The Department of Health and Community Services (HCS) is responsible for healthcare across the island and has set out key objectives for its technological transformation.

These include improved health outcomes; person-centred, sustainable and safe health and community services; improved working environments for stall; and high-quality, safe services with good clinical and corporate governance functions.

And it is working towards the creation of a Jersey Care Record to propel the island to achieving the maximum level of digital maturity: HIMSS Level 7.

The MAXIMS EPR solution provides a safe, paperless, clinical record supported by a comprehensive patient management solution.

Used widely in the NHS in the UK, the HIE in Ireland, and independent hospital groups in both regions; it has a significant track record of supporting the transformation of clinical care at scale.

This new EPR will become one of the key enablers of the Jersey Care Model as we work toward a new digitally-enabled healthcare system

Its PAS, Clinical Workflow, Clinical Noting, Order Communications, ePrescribing, eObs, eWhiteboards, Maternity, Theatres, and Patient Portal modules provide a complete end-to-end solution for healthcare providers and will ensure that Jersey can meet all its objectives safely and securely and transform how care is delivered across the island.

Professor Enda McVeigh, chief clinical information officer at the Government of Jersey, said: “This new cloud-based EPR system will enhance the efficiency and transparency of our health care system.

“It will help to provide the ‘digital dividend’ that other commercial areas outside health have had, and that health is now starting to experience.

“This new EPR will become one of the key enablers of the Jersey Care Model as we work toward a new digitally-enabled healthcare system.”

Neill McAnaspie, chief innovation officer at IMS MAXIMS, adds: “We’re delighted to be working with Government of Jersey to deliver its digital healthcare objectives on the island and we look forward to collaborating and developing new ideas and concepts to bring about new innovation in healthcare.”

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