First-of-a-kind technology rollout across Irish hospitals

Published: 7-Dec-2018

Bon Secours partners with IMS MAXIMS to deploy order communications system

The largest independent hospital group in Ireland, Bon Secours Health System, is partnering with IMS MAXIMS to consolidate its order communications systems (OCS) and rollout MAXIMS OCS across its sites in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick and Tralee.

A first for Ireland, the national deployment across five sites will standardise and modernise the way the hospitals order and view diagnostics tests and treatment services.

MAXIMS OCS will provide a set of simplified and unified digital workflows that replaces the reliance on paper and several order communication systems to improve patient safety and productivity.

In the future, staff from any of the hospitals will be able to order and view results instantly, on or off site, and avoid the delays and errors experienced with the current ways of working.

MAXIMS OCS will be deployed across all hospitals in the group, with links to pathology, radiology, endoscopy, oncology and cardiology departments, and outreach services such as physiotherapy and cardiac rehabilitation. Integrating with the hospitals’ laboratory and radiology solutions, it will offer staff a single point of access to a patient’s medical record.

The rollout forms part of Bon Secours’s 2020 Strategy, which aims to build an integrated healthcare system to deliver advanced medicine and exceptional care through the delivery of 20 key strategic initiatives.

Commenting on the good news, Lynn Guthrie, director of strategy, performance and information, said: “This is a game changer for us – an OCS rollout of this magnitude has never been done in our organisation before, or in Ireland.

“It’s going to dramatically improve the care we offer our patients, as our staff have faster access to more-accurate information from any of our five sites.”

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