Dorset hospital ungrades radiology services

Published: 16-Jul-2018

Carestream X-ray room installation at Yeatman Hospital

As part of recent works to modernise its radiology department, Yeatman Hospital in Sherborne, Dorset, has installed a CARESTREAM DRX Ascend X-ray room.

Along with more physical space and improved patient privacy; the radiology team now benefits from access to the most advanced X-ray technology available, with significant improvements to image quality, department workflow. and staff and patient experience.

One of 12 sites run by the Dorset Healthcare University NHS Foundation Trust, Yeatman Hospital was founded in 1886 and has a long history of providing quality care and an ongoing need to drive innovation, promote clinical excellence, and attract and retain quality staff.

However, its radiology department had become outdated and was in desperate need of a refresh. To that end, Dorset HealthCare invested £275,000 to transform the department’s facilities and install the latest equipment.

This includes the new DRX Ascend x-ray room. Carestream’s flexible DRX Ascend system can use analogue or digital equipment on a floor- or ceiling-mounted tube. It can be built to fit a customer’s exact needs, space and budget.

Yeatman Hospital’s new room is fitted with a fast wireless Carestream DRX detector, providing instant access to images, reducing the need for cables, and making it possible to share detectors between DRX rooms and mobile DRX systems where required.

The system has been developed to accommodate a range of patient types, from paediatrics to adults and people with reduced mobility.

Suzanne Holloway, radiology manager at the trust, said: “We can confidently say we are now giving patients the highest standards of care, using the latest X-ray technology.

“Since installing the new room, patients have benefited from reduced scanning and waiting times, as well as reduced doses from the equipment, while staff can make more-accurate diagnoses thanks to improved image quality.”

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