Dewsbury and District Hospital chooses Carestream for digital X-Ray room

Published: 3-Jun-2019

Superior image quality delivered easily and more cost effectively

Dewsbury and District Hospital in Mid-Yorkshire has selected the Carestream DRX Evolution Plus for its latest digital X-ray room.

One of three hospitals in the Mid-Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, Dewsbury and District Hospital offers a range of medical, rehabilitation and surgical services.

And staff need continuous access to the latest digital X-ray technology to support these.

The DRX Evolution Plus X-Ray Room uses Carestream’s wireless, cassette-sized DRX Plus Detector and EVP Plus image-processing software to deliver superior image quality, easily and cost effectively.

The single-detector platform works across a broad portfolio of DRX equipment, enabling the hospital to build a system that suits its facility and budget, working across the imaging systems to help drive efficiency and ongoing performance improvement.

With a wide range of vertical and horizontal movement, a higher-weight-capacity table, enhanced paediatric capabilities, and an extended tube-column range; the physical equipment brings benefits, too.

It can be operated manually or fully automated, and Dewsbury and District Hospital staff were attracted by the auto-positioning and faster processing times to increase throughput and efficiency without detriment to image quality.

Patient experience has also improved, as the time to complete complex medical imaging exams has been reduced.

“As a department we are pleased with the equipment we have procured as it allows us to enable a better patient experience, using better technology and improved image quality”, said Sue Barker, X-ray team lead.

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