City Health Care Partnership drives digital transformation

Published: 26-Feb-2019

Selenity Expenses solutions streamlines expenses process and drives efficiencies

City Health Care Partnership (CHCP) is using Selenity Expenses to drive efficiencies, mobilise its workforce, and streamline expense processes.

The implementation of Selenity Expenses has coincided with a number of other digital transformation initiatives being introduced throughout the organisation.

Mobile working was a key part of CHCP’s vision and the availability of Selenity’s Expenses Mobile app supported the new flexible approach to working.

By digitising the expenses process, CHCP has seen a reduction in its average mileage costs. The implementation also highlighted that the organisations expenses policy had been open to interpretation by employees, largely when claiming for business mileage.

Lee Hickson, information systems manager at CHCP, said: “Having a system tailored to our needs has certainly raised the transparency of our procedures and reinforced the organisations expenses policy.

“Not only has it increased the accuracy of claims, but also introduced an element of consistency.

“After the system went live we learnt that there had previously been variation in the methods used by employees to record journeys – with some using odometer readings and others calculating distance with online route planners.

“As a team we can now carry out a large amount of reporting and the detailed information generated by the software gives us the ability to take that data and use it in a meaningful way.

“By capturing information in a central point, we’re able to continually use real-time information as a tool to help transform our organisation.”

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