Blackpool Victoria Hospital increases patient throughput with help from five Ysios

Published: 21-Nov-2014

X-ray systemsinstalled in A&E, outpatients and cardiac units

Blackpool Victoria Hospital has been able to increase patient throughput with the help of five Ysio X-ray systems from Siemens Healthcare.

Two of the systems have been installed in the hospital’s A&E department, with a further two installed in the outpatient department. These are performing orthopaedic procedures such as spine and leg alignment work. A fifth Ysio system is also in place in the cardiac unit.

“Before choosing which systems to select, the trust undertook an evaluation of many other products as well as visiting other hospitals to gain the feedback of peers using the systems,” said Lesley Stanney, radiology clinical manager at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, part of the Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

“The overwhelming conclusion was that the Ysio from Siemens Healthcare would be the best fit for our hospital. The orthopaedic package is so much easier for radiographers to use. The high-resolution image quality is superb and we’ve been able increase throughput, which has led to an increase in capacity.”

She added: “This increase in throughput has also enabled us to decommission one of our other existing radiology rooms at Blackpool Victoria. This has meant that we now also have the freedom to expand our services further in the near future when needed.”

As the radiology department undertakes approximately 136,000 examinations per year, it was essential that the installed systems were straightforward for staff to use. The Ysio X-ray systems image more than 200 patients per day in A&E, and its ease-of-use and smart ergonomic table design has meant fewer aches and pains for radiographers using the systems. The safety and welfare of patients has also been a key priority for Blackpool Victoria Hospital in its search for X-ray technology.

“We’re thrilled with the positive feedback we have received from the hospital staff, who have commented on the Ysios’ ease-of-use, which is essential in A&E departments,” said Philip Tesh, regional sales manager at Siemens Healthcare.

“The high-resolution image quality has been of real benefit to clinicians, and we are proud to have helped Blackpool Victoria Hospital future-proof its services with the installation of five Ysio X-ray systems.”

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