Wall artworks and signage for Medway Hospital Fetal and Maternal Medicine Centre

Published: 23-May-2022

The staff in the Fetal and Maternal Medicine Centre at Medway Hospital initially contacted Hospital Art Studio as they felt that their department was in need of renovation and brightening-up

Hospital Art Studio recalls: "With fresh eyes, we explored the department and immediately noticed that signage was confusing; each door covered with a bewildering array of diverse signs. We observed patients leaving scanning rooms to search for toilets, and whilst hunting for the exit often walked past it to the other end of the corridor. The magnolia walls looked a little drab, in much need of uplifting colours and illustrations to enliven the space and also aid wayfinding.

Hospital Art Studio consulted with the team at Imageco and David specified the production of the three various forms of signage – room signs, in use/empty room signs and standout signs.

The walls were carefully prepared and repainted by Darrell, the estates decorator at Medway Hospital, using curved templates that we temporarily fitted in place. Installation was completed over a weekend while the hospital was less busy. Hospital Art Studio stated that "It was hard work but was very satisfying whilst we assisted John whose expertise knows no bounds!"

They concluded, "A huge thank you goes to the Medway Hospital Charity who funded the project".

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