Vernacare showcases new products for hygienic patient washing and toileting

Published: 3-Aug-2015

Latest solutions will be unveiled at Infection Prevention 2015 in September

Vernacare will showcase its latest products for hygienic patient washing and toileting at Infection Prevention 2015, being held in Liverpool from 28-30 September.

The 'Vernacare System' replaces traditional re-usable products, such as urinals, bedpans and wash bowls, with hygienic containers - made from renewable natural fibre. The used containers disintegrate when placed in Vernacare’s environmentally-friendly Vortex disposal machines, which break down the waste into miniscule particles that flow freely through the drains.

Vernacare has developed its most-advanced disposal unit yet, which will be officially launched at the show. The new Vortex+ is opened and closed via a foot sensor – using ‘touch-less’ technology to eliminate the risk of cross-infection via hand contact when disposing of human waste.

Vernacare will also showcase its recently-launched commode chair that’s cleaner by design. It was developed in collaboration with healthcare clinicians and has been adopted by many hospitals across the UK. It combines durability with an easy-clean design to help reduce healthcare associated infections, particularly from Clostridium difficile. Its strong corrosion-resistant frame and moulded parts are easy to dismantle and clean using a variety of methods, including steam cleaning and thermal disinfection.

“Our original Vortex disposal unit and commode chairs are widely considered to be market-leading products, but we have designed in some significant improvements to further enhance infection prevention performance,” said Emma Sheldon, Vernacare’s group marketing director.

“We have designed the new products in collaboration with healthcare professionals across the globe to reduce cross contamination risks – putting patient safety, as well as comfort, at the heart of our new product development process."

Vernacare's latest renewable fibre-moulded bedpans, urinals, wash bowls and other single-use products will also be on display. This includes the award winning VernaFem female urinal and new detergent-proof Maxi WashBowl, which doubles the capacity of Vernacare's original Queen's Award winning single use wash bowl.

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