New Vernacare Compact: Infection prevention at point of care

Published: 11-Apr-2017

The new Vernacare Compact provides quick, safe and effective disposal of Vernacare single-use containers and patient waste, at the point of care.

The Compact is a new addition to Vernacare’s industry-leading range of disposal units, which include the Vortex+ and Vortex models. All units in the range feature Vernacare's SmartFlow technology. This unique maceration system keeps drains flowing by ensuring that miniscule waste particles are only flushed to drain once maximum water dispersion has been achieved.

How the new Vernacare Compact works - using SmartFlowTM technology

Small on size: Big on impact

"The new Compact is small in size, but big on impact," said Matt Miller, CEO of Vernacare. "It advances patient and staff dignity and improves infection prevention by making it possible to dispose of Vernacare single-use containers and patient waste hygienically at the point of care, thereby containing any infection risk. By localising care in this way, clinicians can use their time more productively.

"The new technology has been designed and developed by our R&D team, who have decades of experience of creating innovative new medical products to prevent and control cross infection. We are particularly grateful for the input of many clinicians and health professionals during the design and development process."

Infection prevention at point of care

This space-efficient Compact is the smallest disposal unit on the market and can be located closer to patients, if needed, such as in patient bathrooms, isolation rooms, specialist areas like radiology, x-ray, chemotherapy and theatre recovery, or long term care settings. This means the need to carry human waste to a sluice or 'dirty' utility area is removed, thus reducing the risk of spreading infection and saving clinicians' valuable time.

The Compact can be wall-mounted to save floor space, built into an existing area for a flush finish, or placed on the floor on top of a stainless steel plinth.

The Compact is operated entirely hands-free via an ultrasonic foot sensor and starts automatically when the lid closes, ensuring swift and hygienic disposal of each Vernacare single-use container immediately after patient use.

Vernacare Compact operates via hands-free ultrasonic foot sensor

Vernacare Compact operates via hands-free ultrasonic foot sensor

Vernacare is the only company worldwide to manufacture a complete system for delivering hygienic patient care incorporating single-use containers and disposal units, and has been the global market leader for more than 50 years.

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