Turning up the heat

Published: 26-Jul-2017

Riello low NOx burners fitted to Hoval boilers to be used at the New Papworth Hospital

Hoval boilers fitted with Riello dual fuel low NOx burners have been selected by Skanska for the New Papworth Hospital in Cambridgeshire.

The precise matching of boilers and burners will ensure optimum energy efficiency with low NOx emissions.

The new 310-bed hospital is being constructed on the Cambridge Biomedical campus, using Building Information Modelling (BIM) techniques, and is due for completion in 2018.

With a comprehensive range of cutting-edge medical facilities, it will replace the existing, and outdated, Papworth Hospital.

A key element of specification for the project was the ability of Hoval and Riello to supply BIM-compatible product information for incorporation into the model.

Two Hoval Max-3 2.2MW boilers fitted with Riello RLS300/EV burners will be used as the lead boilers to provide space heating and hot water to the new 40,000sq m hospital, backed up by a 530kW Max-3 boiler with RS68/EV burner.

In addition, Hoval will supply two 1,100 kg/hr TDHU steam boilers, both using Riello RLS120/EV burners.

The boiler/burner combinations will deliver optimum performance and energy efficiency with low NOx emissions to ensure low cost of ownership and minimal environmental impact for the hospital.

The Riello RLS300 EV and RLS120 EV burners are low NOx dual fuel, while the RS68 EV is gas only.

All of the burners incorporate inverter-driven fan motors and full electronic control, with an interface that provides real time information for the end user.

Hoval Max-3 boilers have a three-pass design to deliver net efficiencies to 95.2%.

The TDHU steam boiler also uses a three-pass design, combined with a big flame tube and a large water capacity to ensure long burner run times for enhanced efficiency.

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