Transforming healthcare experiences with human-centred service design

Published: 14-Nov-2023

The King’s Fund estimates that the NHS has 1.6 million interactions with people every single day. This contact between citizens, patients, their circles of care, and staff, as well as the processes and systems enabling them, is driving the pursuit of modernised, accessible and higher-quality care by the NHS. But so far, multiple levels of structural reform have failed to provide the level of radical change required to sustain service levels

Now more than ever, the system needs to transform. But where do we begin? CGI explores the subject:

"At CGI, we believe the future of health and care lies with people, as each interaction with the system provides an opportunity to gain invaluable insights from those involved. Using platforms such as Patient Opinion, the Patient Advice and Liaison Service (PALS), or the NHS Complaints process, we can capture people’s feedback to understand their experiences, and use that to create real, impactful change across the sector.

That’s why CGI uses service design to help transform health and care organisations. Service design has gained momentum across all industries in recent years because it puts people at the centre of the design and improvement process, prioritising their needs, challenges and experiences to create meaningful change.

From enhancing patient experiences and addressing health inequalities, to reducing demand on services and improving workforce satisfaction, our blog - transforming healthcare experiences with human-centred service design - discusses how you can use this exciting, people-focused approach to unlock transformed health and care services.

Learn more in our blog, or if you’d like an informal chat about what your transformation journey with CGI might look like, please click here and our health and care expert will be in touch."

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