Schneider Electric adds more power – upgrades energy management software

Published: 26-Jul-2016

Power Monitoring Expert version 8.1 helps maximise system reliability and optimise operational efficiency to increase profitability

Schneider Electric has announced upgrades to its Power Monitoring Expert software.

Power Monitoring Expert version 8.1 is a complete supervisory software package for power management applications.

The software collects and organises data gathered from the facility’s electrical network and presents it as meaningful, actionable information via an intuitive web interface.

A significant feature of version 8.1 is Power Quality Advisor. This is a module that allows facility managers and energy managers to understand power quality impact on production and the associated costs.

Advanced analytics automatically triages disturbances through an easy-to-understand colour code. If the indicator is red, a severe event has occurred that may impact production or equipment. Yellow indicates a status is approaching a threshold or limit. Green indicates that your power is operating within an acceptable quality range.

With Power Monitoring Expert version 8.1, end users can:

  • Increase production uptime by understanding how power quality impacts processes and providing corrective actions
  • Monitor system reliability with Power Quality Rating, this ensures the ongoing health of electrical systems and increases energy awareness
  • Print and analyse reports and share with key stakeholders to influence decision making, resulting in cost and energy savings
  • Decrease costs related to Power Quality issues, for example production downtime and power factor penalties
  • Troubleshoot and analyse power quality via the Power Quality Advisor analytics interface
  • Save time that would otherwise be spent trying to make sense of raw power quality data via an intuitive dashboard

Poonam Walid, category marketing manager, power monitoring at Schneider Electric, said: “We are focused on providing a fully-integrated power quality solution of hardware, services, and enterprise software platforms.

“With Power Quality Advisor, facility and energy managers can monitor, manage, and view energy usage in real-time.

Equipped with this level of insight, organisations can significantly reduce their energy consumption which translates to a healthier bottom line.”

Power Quality Advisor is able to be fully integrated with the rest of the Schneider Electric metering range and is available now.

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