Schneider Electric launches SmartX Controller range with AS-P server device

Published: 6-Apr-2016

New automation server provides fully-integrated iBMS solution

Schneider Electric has announced the launch of its all new automation server for SmartStruxure Solution, the SmartX Controller AS-P.

The AS-P is the first server device from the SmartX Controller range. The AS-P is a core product in ensuring that SmartStruxure Solution is able to operate as the digital hub of a building, providing the end user with a fully-integrated iBMS which covers HVAC, lighting, access control, power monitoring, and smart building managed services.

Key benefits of the SmartX Controller AS-P include:

  • Dual Ethernet ports - the first step to extend IP communication to the Field Controller Level. Benefits of IP everywhere include faster and reliable communication, greater architecture design flexibility and improved cybersecurity effectiveness
  • Communication hub – capable of coordinating traffic from above and below its location. AS-P can deliver data directly to you to other servers throughout the site
  • Faster dual-core processor for superior performance – 4-6x faster on tasks such as power cycle, deploy, backup, import and export
  • Greater RAM size – upgraded to 512 MB to boost efficiency
  • IT friendly – AS-P communicates using networking standards making installations easy, management simple and transactions secure
  • Simple DIN-rail installation – fasteners easily snap into a locked position for panel installation. Fastener has a quick-release feature for easy DIN-rail removal

“Over the past few years Schneider Electric has introduced new products to enhance the legacy of its premier building management system, SmartStruxure solution. The launch of the AS-P demonstrates an evolution of products and highlights Schneider Electric’s commitment to provide customers with the most-complete and competitive offers to modernise and ensure their buildings’ efficiency,” said David Williams, EcoBuildings marketing manager at Schneider Electric.

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