SATO launches new generation of Magellan PJM RFID Reader Series

Published: 26-Nov-2014

Updated range features intelligent self-tuning technology

SATO has launched a new generation of the Magellan PJM RFID Desktop Reader Series.

This new generation employs intelligent self-tuning technology that allows the RFID reader to automatically adjust its sensitivity to achieve the best performance, regardless of the number, size or type of PJM RFID tags being used.

Two new models of the Magellan PJM RFID Desktop Reader Series, the MDR-4330AT and MDR-3021AT, are now available with built-in intelligent self-tuning technology. The Magellan MDR-4330AT is a robust benchtop RFID reader that will read tagged items in any orientation as well as when in densely-packed containers, and offers 43 x 30 cm of effective 3D reading surface. While the Magellan MDR-3021AT is designed especially for tag encoding purposes, and offers 30 x 21 cm of effective single-directional reading surface.

“This will simplify and completely change the way that customers interact with RFID readers,” said Kaz Matsuyama, president and chief executive of SATO Holdings.

“Our intelligent self-tuning technology automatically delivers the best performance regardless of variations in PJM tags, and offers our customers the freedom to select tags best suited to their needs. SATO is heavily focused on engineering solutions to improve user experiences, and this technology is a prime example of our commitment to creating new value for our customers through innovation.”

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