Ingenica Solutions and Terso Solutions announce partnership

Published: 22-Feb-2018

Using RFID technology to track medical devices

UK-based Ingenica Solutions and Terso Solutions, a global RFID technology company, have partnered to offer a unique combination of market-leading software with industry-leading RFID-enabled intelligent storage options in the UK.

Ingenica’s 360/Atticus solution, an inventory management and supply chain tool with costing down to the patient level and beyond, can now be integrated to utilise the Terso automated inventory solutions to add a further dimension to the type of products that can be managed and stored in a hospital environment.

RFID capability is ideal for tracking high-value medical devices and temperature-controlled scientific products and medicines.

Managing high volumes of high-value medical devices is notoriously challenging in the NHS, and RFID technology is being adopted by an increasing number of hospitals across the UK to tag equipment.

Recognised for its ability to improve asset visibility, utilisation, and patient safety, RFID track-and-trace capability ultimately improves operational performance and cost efficiencies.

Nicola Hall, managing director at Ingenica Solutions, said, “We are very pleased to be working with the team at Terso, adding the Terso technology and capability to our solution expands our data capture options for our customers and truly enables one system to manage the various multiple challenges we find healthcare providers need to solve.”

Joe Pleshek, chief executive and president at Terso Solutions, added: “Terso is beyond excited to work with Ingenica on offering an innovative solution for automated inventory management in the UK. This partnership affords hospitals the ability to track inventory in real-time and greatly improve supply chain processes using RFID and IoT technologies. This will mitigate costs, increase efficiency, and ultimately improve patient outcomes.”

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