Ophthalmology framework agreement launched by NHS Supply Chain

Published: 20-Aug-2021

Complete Ophthalmology Solutions 2 national framework makes purchasing equipment and accessories easier and quicker for NHS trusts

A new ophthalmology national framework agreement which brings together three legacy agreements, while also adding new categories, has been launched by NHS Supply Chain.

Complete Ophthalmology Solutions 2 (COS2) covers all ophthalmology requirements, from intraocular lenses (IOLs), accessories, and consumables to ophthalmic capital equipment and associated accessories used in various diagnostic and surgical environments.

The framework features 48 suppliers, eight of which are new to the framework and five that are new to NHS Supply Chain.

The framework is split into two lots, covering consumable and capital products.

Among the consumable products supplied are intraocular lenses (IOLs), monofocal lens, preloaded monofocal Lens, multifocal lens, preloaded multifocal lens, toric lens, and preloaded toric lens. These are all implanted into the eye to treat cataracts or other eye conditions.

To develop the new framework, NHS Supply Chain engaged with charities, NHS trusts, and Moorfields Eye Hospital to gain their input.

The framework also includes:

  • Single-use or reusable ophthalmic surgical instruments for carrying out operations
  • Ophthalmic procedure packs and accessories, which contain the equipment needed for a procedure in sterile packaging
  • Ophthalmic solutions, used to soothe and reduce irritation in eyes
  • Ophthalmic gases, which are used to help the eye heal
  • General ophthalmic accessories and consumables
  • Ophthalmic equipment/systems including maintenance

The capital equipment lot includes ranges of:

  • Ophthalmic diagnostic equipment
  • Ophthalmic ultrasound equipment
  • Ophthalmic surgical equipment
  • Femtosecond and photoablation lasers, which are used in cataract surgery
  • Ophthalmic laser equipment
  • Slit lamp equipment, used to examine the eye in detail
  • Retinal imaging systems, which are used to create a two-dimensional image of the three-dimensional retinal tissue as part of the diagnosis of eye conditions
  • Ophthalmoscopes and retinoscopes, which are used to test for the early signs of eye conditions by testing the red reflex produced in the eye when a light is flashed at it

Steve Vandyken, category tower director for NHS Supply Chain: orthopaedics, trauma and spine, and ophthalmology, said: “In developing this new framework agreement we have engaged with key stakeholders across the NHS and with suppliers.

“COS2 simplifies the offer by bringing together elements of the three legacy framework agreements, but with the addition of categories that our customers have said they want and need.”

Complete Ophthalmology Solutions 2 replaces three previous framework agreements which were Intraocular Lenses, Ophthalmic Packs, Instruments Consumables and Equipment; Ophthalmic Capital Equipment; and Complete Ophthalmology Solutions.

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