Building Better Healthcare Awards 2014 open for entries

Find out how you could be a winner with 25 awards up for grabs

BBH Awards

The 2014 Building Better Healthcare Awards will open for entries on 3 March 2014.

This year’s competition will be bigger and better than ever, with a record 25 awards up for grabs in six categories.

The winners will be announced at a plush awards ceremony on 5 November at The Brewery in central London.

In the Building Design Class, there will be awards for:

  • Award for Best Acute Hospital Development
  • Award for Best Primary Care Development
  • Award for Best Mental Health Development
  • Award for Best End-of-life Development
  • Award for Best Supported Living Development
  • Grand Prix Design Award
  • Award for Best Design Concept
  • Award for Best International Design

In the Estates and Facilities Class, the awards are:

  • Award for Innovative Carbon Reduction Initiative
  • Award for Best Patient-Facing Estates and Facilities Service
  • Award for Best Evidence-Based Compliance with Estates and Facilities-related CQC Standards
  • Award for the Most-Innovative Cost-Saving Ideas in Estates and Facilities Services

The third category is the Patient Experience Class where awards will be given for:

  • Best External Environment
  • Best Internal Environment
  • Award for Best Collaborative Arts Project

The next awards come under the Building and Technical Product Class. The awards reflect the main priorities of modern healthcare services. They are:

  • Best Product for Improving Working Practices
  • Best Product for Financial Efficiencies
  • Best Product for Enhancing Infection Prevention
  • Best Product for Improving Sustainability and/or Reducing Energy
  • Best Product for Improving Privacy and Dignity

Next are the awards in the People Class . They are:

  • The Working Together Award
  • Client of the Year Award

And finally, this year’s Special Awards are:

  • Clinician's Choice Award
  • Patient’s Choice Award
  • Innovations in Procure21+

The Building Better Healthcare Awards aim to recognise the premises, people, products and processes that help to make the UK’s healthcare system envied around the world.

Click here to find out more about this year’s competition, to enter, or to see the criteria for each of the categories.