BHC Furniture has exclusivity to supply new generation of patient seating


Titan Healthcare range is at forefront of a new generation of antimicrobial seating

BHC Furniture has exclusivity to supply the design-led range of Titan Healthcare patient chairs which are at the forefront of a new generation of antimicrobial chairs.

Designed closely with healthcare professionals, the chairs are a unique range of easy-clean, antimicrobial touch-point products, with no split lines or cavities which trap dirt, making the quick and thorough removal of dirt and bacteria the priority.

Each product has a unique, non-porous, one-piece construction which is easy to wipe clean and also incorporates a patented silver antimicrobial additive which provides continual antimicrobial protection running to the product’s core. Protecting the product and user between cleans, even if superficially damaged.

The range is made up of an adult armchair, adult and paediatric side chair in a simple design and in a choice of easy colours and is made of non-porous polypropylene, glass fibre mix, for maximum strength. All chairs conform to ergonomic standards to provide comfort and added support. Each is available in a choice of colours to suit the environment, with a large selection of colours available for the ward identification system.

“Furniture plays a key role in the spread of infection in healthcare today,” said Peter Bright, managing director of BHC Furniture.

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“To promote, and spread awareness of, products that are designed specifically to help break the chain is vital. This unique range from Titan Healthcare is centrally focused on this issue.”