New Completing the Picture Digital Festival to take place

Published: 7-Oct-2020

The event is completely free to join and will feature a range of influential speakers with years of industry experience and insight

Completing the Picture is a much-respected, well-loved event that has provided best practice and educational insight for the medical device industry for the past 18 years. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic the symposium cannot physically go ahead this year, in its place Hillrom is excited to announce that the symposium is being replaced by the first Completing the Picture Digital Festival.

By moving the Completing the Picture online to a Digital Festival format there is the chance to offer delegates even more opportunities to learn with a range of educational and informative webinars as well as live sessions, all of which will be available to watch on demand throughout October. The Completing the Picture Digital Festival is completely free to join and will feature a range of influential speakers with years of industry experience and insight.

Dr Patricia Oakley, a Strategic Service and Workforce Policy Analyst returns with two sessions this year; an update from last year’s Completing the Picture, covering the comprehensive spending review understanding how post-coronavirus and Brexit has the potential to impact NHS strategic decision-making. Dr Oakley will also be spearheading a session on NHS Digital Strategy outlining how parameters of an Integrated Care System’s clinical informatic strategy can underpin NHS policy.

On 14 October, Nursing Times & Hillrom host a webinar on Patient Deterioration. The earlier detection of deterioration is a widely discussed subject among healthcare professionals across the UK and is an incredibly important topic for nurses as it has the potential to improve patient outcomes and save lives. Dr Ron Daniels, Executive Director of UK Sepsis Trust & NHS Consultant, Karen Nagalingam, Senior Nurse Lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire and Acute Kidney Injury Nurse Specialist, Siân Annakin a Sepsis Nurse Practitioner at The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust together with sepsis survivor Laura Williams come together to discuss the importance of Vital Signs monitoring to better detect deterioration in sepsis patients.

Dr Daniels will deliver another session on 19 October based on Covid, Long Covid & Sepsis. Being an NHS Consultant in Intensive Care, based in Birmingham, as well as Chief Executive of the UK Sepsis Trust, Dr Daniels will provide some first-hand expert commentary across this subject where he has operationally transformed the delivery of reliable sepsis care in the UK and beyond.

Director of Clinical Solutions at Hillrom, Eric Brill and Senior Manager of Clinical Development, for Hillrom, Dana Peco, will be discussing the transition to smartphone-based communications in their "Pagers Are Passé: It’s Time to Transition to a Smartphone-Based Communications Platform". This will be followed by a live question and answer session exploring real-life solutions for connecting care teams, improving care coordination, streamlining clinical workflows and accelerating patient treatment.

There will be further webinars covering subjects from “Advancing Connected Care Through Smart Bed Technology” to a “Connectivity Masterclass with IMS Maxims” as well as professional development topics throughout the entire month of October. The full programme can be downloaded at:

The Festival recognises that procuring, maintaining and managing medical equipment goes beyond the workshop, making it crucial that the understanding of clinical and policy issues are incorporated into professional development plans. It aims to offer the opportunity to inspire, educate and share medical device technology and the future of connected care. To gain access to the CTP educational content, please ensure you have registered your details on the website.

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