Microsoft Vergence single sign-on at Luton and Dunstable

Published: 8-Apr-2011

Luton and Dunstable Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has selected Microsoft's Vergence single sign-on and context management solution. The roll-out enables the hospital to improve standards by reducing the amount of patient systems that have to be accessed; and the strong authentication safety protocols improve patient safety and reduce the number of help desk calls. "Doctors face a number of different challenges in their line of work," said Sab Raza, IT project manager at the trust. "One of the most frustrating challenges is the amount of passwords that have to be remembered and used during the course of the day to access different patient systems. If this can be avoided, efficiency and productivity will improve immediately." John Gobron of Microsoft's Health Solutions Group UK, added: "Hospitals need to sift through realms of patient data and we have proved through the use of Vergence that this data can be used more effectively for the benefit of patients, clinicians and hospital managers. With greater accessibility and ease of use, healthcare professionals can deliver the insights and analysis needed for a professional healthcare service."

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