Medstor delivers floor to ceiling solution at North Manchester General Hospital

Published: 29-Aug-2017

Medstor has recently finished working at North Manchester General Hospital, the largest hospital in the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust, having completed a major refurbishment of five theatre storerooms

The tailored solution to improve the theatre storage, making use of all available space from floor to ceiling, was installed in just 5 working days, with the Medstor team working round to the clock to ensure the new cabinets could be put to use as soon as possible, enhancing procedures and supporting the clinical teams.

Medstor was keen to ensure the new storerooms were not only highly effective, but also had a stylish, streamlined appearance, in line with twenty-first century hospital expectations.

Medstor has worked with the Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust for many years across the hospitals in the group.

When North Manchester General Hospital wanted to upgrade its theatre storage, making the most of the high ceilings in its storerooms, it chose Medstor based on reputation, competitive pricing and the impressive quality of all its products.

Medstor worked closely with the hospital and theatre staff to develop a bespoke design that featured its HTM 71 cabinets. Tall storage cabinets, perfect for high volume storage needs and organising supplies quickly, were fitted around the room; a smaller cabinet, to be used for overflow stock, was mounted on top of each tall cabinet, ensuring maximum use was made of all available wall space, as the hospital had requested.

A bulkhead was fitted all the way to the ceiling, ensuring there were no dust traps and supporting the hospital’s infection prevention regime. The tall cabinets featured a variety of designs for particular storage demands, including roller shutter doors for concealed storage and hooks and shelves for holding catheters, with forward hanging rails for ease of access.

Many of the tall cabinets were fitted with Medstor’s unique tray and liner system, which allows stock to be organised into configured trays for maximum space utilisation in a safe storage environment, eliminating stock-outs and making theatre consumables quick and easy to locate.

Work on the five storerooms, located across three hospital areas, took place over just 5 days, Monday to Friday, with a total of over 70 new cabinets installed in just 1 working week in a smooth, streamlined installation programme.

Medstor’s installation team was spread across the three areas, so work in all storerooms progressed at a similar pace and was completed at the same time to ensure minimum disruption to the day-to-day running of the hospital.

In addition to having the installation teams in and out in just a few days, Medstor also arranged work to coincide with the hospital’s financial year, taking the flexible approach needed if funding for the project was to be obtained.

North Manchester General Hospital now has stylish, effective theatre storerooms with ample storage for the wide array of consumables and other items required by the clinical teams, all arranged logically and housed in robust, high quality cabinets designed around the hospital’s specific needs.

The storage solutions Medstor has provided for North Manchester General Hospital are typical of the highly effective products it designs for healthcare facilities throughout the world.

At Medstor, innovation drives every design, resulting in an outstanding range of products combining functionality with style — the beautifully clean, sleek lines of each cabinet or racking system dramatically increase storage capacity and support infection control measures as well as enhancing theatre or ward design.

As everything made by Medstor is designed and built in-house in the UK, quality is controlled from start to finish, with a dedicated team working to guarantee the most successful and aesthetic utilisation of space.

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