Medstor at BMI the Lincoln Hospital delivers outstanding products and service

Published: 12-May-2016

Medstor provided a range of equipment from its hospital storage and materials management portfolio

Expertise. Quality. Commitment. When the team from Medstor had only one weekend to upgrade storage and materials handling at BMI The Lincoln Hospital, all these elements of the Medstor offering were called into action. The hospital wanted to replace existing storage throughout the operating suite, from the theatres through to anaesthetic rooms, prosthesis rooms, recovery rooms and storerooms, to increase capacity and streamline procedures in preparation for a forthcoming Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection. Paul Lewis, the hospital’s recently appointed theatre manager, had extensive experience of implementing and working with the Medstor system in his previous trust, and was confident about proposing Medstor for the Lincoln project.

To meet BMI The Lincoln Hospital’s targets, Medstor provided a range of equipment from its hospital storage and materials management portfolio. Cabinets in a selection of heights supporting the Medstor tray system formed the basis of the new storage system, allowing theatre staff to organise stock into configured trays to maximise space and create a safe storage environment, eliminating stock-outs and facilitating easy location of goods. Some of the cabinets were fitted with castors and brakes, combining storage capacity with mobility to support a flexible healthcare environment. Medstor also supplied its procedure trolleys, designed to fit perfectly under workbench units for discrete storage, and multi-purpose distribution and dressings trolleys, which combine lightweight structure and easy manoeuvrability with robust construction.

The quality of Medstor’s solutions was never in doubt, but what no one could be sure of was whether the major refurbishment of this key hospital area could be completed within the limited timeframe the hospital requested – just three weeks for production of the bespoke products, and one weekend for the actual installation, to be carried out in a live environment. The ultimate flawless installation and overall success of the project was due in no small part to the level of support the Medstor team received from everyone at the hospital – working together, with one final goal in mind, meant that the deadline could be met and the theatre suite up and running more efficiently than ever.

Paul Lewis thanked the Medstor team for working over the weekend and completing the installation successfully within the tight timeframe, saying: “I know that it would not have happened if it were not for your expertise, and your determination to deliver my order on time, despite the almost impossible deadline I had set. I am just amazed that you managed to pull it off, and I shall be eternally grateful.

“Your installation team was absolutely magnificent throughout the weekend and has done a truly amazing job for us. Everyone was so polite and considerate, and kept the noise down to an absolute minimum. The quality of your product is of the very highest calibre, but if that was not enough, it also looks so very good when it is installed to such a high standard, and has created so much extra storage space for the theatre team. Thank you once again for a job well done, and please be assured that I shall certainly be recommending Medstor to my colleagues.”

The storage solutions Medstor has provided for BMI The Lincoln Hospital are typical of the highly effective products it designs for healthcare facilities throughout the world. Every element of each racking system or cabinet has beautifully simple, clean, sleek lines that not only complement the theatre or ward design but offer increased storage capacity, better cost efficiency through improved stock control, and dramatically enhanced infection control. As everything made by Medstor is designed and built in-house in the UK, quality is controlled from start to finish, with a dedicated team working to guarantee the most successful and aesthetic utilisation of space.

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