Leicester NHS trust brings innovative solution to developing hospital estates

Published: 10-Dec-2019

UK’s largest mobile decontamination unit launched at Glenfield General Hospital

The University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust has partnered with EMS Healthcare and Cantel (UK) to launch the UK’s largest mobile decontamination unit.

Contracted for two years, the Quad Mobile Decontamination Unit has been introduced at Glenfield General Hospital in Leicester to support theatre and endoscopy reprocessing services while a permanent facility is being built and commissioned.

The innovative solution is set to immediately boost reprocessing capacity, by an additional 240 scopes per day and will provide a reliable stepping stone to keep services running smoothly without disruption.

The unit will be the second EMS Healthcare mobile decontamination unit that the Leicester trust has contracted following deployment of the multi-award-winning Quest+ Decontamination at Leicester General Hospital in September 2018.

Since its launch, Quest+ has been central to the continuation of service, with its on-board equipment providing vital support to the urology department.

Designed in accordance with JAG guidelines and comprised of four trailers; the Quad Mobile Decontamination unit includes 8 RapidAER Endoscope Reprocessors (double that of Quest+), an OSRIS duplex RO system with its own external containers, and additional staff facilities. Also included is a Surestore Long Term Storage solution, TranScope trolleys, two double-bowl endoscopy-grade height-adjustable sinks, integral RO plant, a track–and-trace system, and the option to have an EDC Drying Cabinet.

Claire Jones-Manning, trust decontamination lead, said: “We brought one of the first Quest+ units onto the trust estate last year and it was fantastic for us, but we soon found we needed more capacity.

“That’s when we gave EMS Healthcare a call about getting a larger unit, they didn’t have one on their fleet, but redesigned one of their existing units to accommodate our requirements.

“Quad arrived at Glenfield Hospital a few months later and it has been brilliant to work with the team and have input from the start of the project.”

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