Lec Medical unveils advanced temperature monitoring solution for refrigeration

Published: 20-Nov-2014

Kelsius offers completely-wireless set-up that automates temperature monitoring in controlled storage and testing environments

Kelsius is a new temperature monitoring system that has been unveiled by Lec Medical.

The system offers a completely-wireless set-up that automates the process of temperature monitoring in controlled storage and testing environments and provides a fail-safe solution for busy hospitals, laboratories and larger pharmacies.

In the event of the temperature deviating from pre-set parameters, the system automatically alarms designated staff members. It also offers a number of other sensors designed to target specific areas of the healthcare industry, enabling a custom built package to be created. Kelsius is suitable for a broad scope of applications including fridges, freezers, incubators and bloodbanks.

Data from all locations including separate departments and buildings can be centralised on the Kelsius web portal, providing users with an overall view of their monitored environments from any internet-enabled device. For those areas without 24-hour supervision, the system will send alerts to personnel who can then access further information from any device via the internet, enabling prompt evidence-based decisions.

Lec Medical’s brand manager, Carolyn Holland, said: “The healthcare industry relies heavily on fridge temperature monitoring and organisations must comply with monitoring legislation. When fridge temperatures fail, healthcare samples can be damaged or lost. A simple mistake, such as leaving a fridge door ajar, is enough to permanently corrupt valuable samples. By offering the Kelsius system, we are now able to reduce such risks.”

She added: “Kelsius is already a popular choice for bloodbanks when monitoring blood temperatures and in laboratories and hospitals for monitoring the temperatures of controlled drug storage. The system can also be used in operating theatres to monitor CO2 levels, in general cold storage areas to alert if the door is left ajar, and in transit to ensure medicines, vaccines and sample temperatures are monitored.”

Data is held on the Kelsius server resulting in a zero-cost infrastructure model with no need for computer hardware, network servers and software. Providing a managed hosting service that reduces the impact on internal IT resources, Kelsius enables clients to focus on core operational activities. The system is easy to install and can proceed without complex IT network permissions.

Kelsius’ wireless sensors also have the capability to communicate data up to a range of 500 metres, and as the Network Controller has the ability to receive data from over 250 channels, large areas can be covered by minimal hardware. Remote maintenance capability avoids engineer call-outs.

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