Kelsius – the complete monitoring system from LEC Medical

Published: 29-Apr-2015

Fail-safe solution offers wireless setup that automates the process of temperature monitoring within controlled storage and testing environments

Hospitals can now be confident of the exact temperature within their fridges, freezers and incubators thanks to Kelsius, the complete temperature monitoring system from Lec Medical.

This fail-safe solution offers a completely-wireless setup that automates the process of temperature monitoring within controlled storage and testing environments, ideal for use in busy hospitals.

Suitable for all temperature-controlled units, Kelsius is able to collect data from a multitude of locations simultaneously, including separate departments and buildings, to provide users with an overall view of their monitored environments from any internet-enabled device. All collected data is then transmitted from the unit to cloud storage via a secure server, using the latest encryption software until required.

Damage caused by incidents such as a power failure or an improper set up of equipment can cause the temperature of products to deviate from pre-set parameters rendering products or healthcare samples within fridges, freezers and incubators dangerous. As the slightest deviation in temperature could potentially have a detrimental impact on patients, the importance of monitoring temperatures is paramount to ensuring a safe and secure service is delivered to patients.

In the event of a deviation in temperature the unit automatically triggers an alarm alerting designated staff members to the problem, meaning it can be dealt with quickly and efficiently and, more importantly, before products become unusable. As well as impacting upon patients, damaged equipment can also mean losing vast amounts of stock; therefore Kelsius is not only a sensible investment, but one which can quickly pay for itself.

Once alerts have been received, the beauty of the Kelsius unit is that it allows designated personnel to access further data from any internet–enabled device enabling prompt evidence-based decisions. The peace of mind Kelsius provides enables clients to focus on core operational activities and therefore an improved quality of service.

All data is displayed in a user-friendly, diagrammatic format for the ease of users with all data held on the Kelsius server resulting in a zero cost infrastructure model with no need for computer hardware, network servers and software. The system is easy to install and can proceed without complex IT network permissions, providing the client with a managed hosting service that reduces the impact on internal IT resources.

Kelsius’ wireless sensors have the capability to communicate data up to a range of 500 metres, and as the Network Controller has the ability to receive data from over 250 channels, large areas can be covered by minimal hardware. Remote maintenance capability avoids engineer call-outs.

Carolyn Holland, senior product manager for Lec Medical, explains: “Portable devices can even monitor temperatures whilst in transit, meaning Kelsius is already a popular choice with blood banks. With the capacity to measure a wide range of temperatures from -200°C to +200°C, Kelsius is the ideal choice for use in both laboratories and hospitals for monitoring the temperatures of controlled drug storage.”

“The healthcare industry relies heavily on fridge temperature monitoring and organisations must comply with monitoring legislation. When fridge temperatures fail, healthcare samples can be damaged or lost. A simple mistake, such as leaving a fridge door ajar, is enough to permanently corrupt valuable samples. By offering the Kelsius system, we are now able to reduce such risks.

“The system can also be used in operating theatres to monitor CO2 levels, in general cold storage areas to alert if the door is left ajar, and in transit to ensure medicines, vaccines and sample temperatures are monitored.”

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