Brandon Medical launches interactive virtual tour and live demonstration platforms

Published: 18-Nov-2020

Brandon Medical launches interactive virtual tour and live demonstration platforms of equipment package for operating rooms and critical care areas in order to support hospitals to return to elective surgeries before the complete roll-out of vaccination programmes, which can roll well into 2022

Too many emails start now with "under the current circumstances", claims Brandon Medical, but the company has taken a proactive position and has launched an interactive virtual instrument for capital planners, architects, construction companies and hospital estate engineers to use for planning a quicker return to elective surgery.

With subsequent waves of infection and various degrees of lockdown measures around the world, we believe we can help hospitals return to elective surgery by offering a safer environment - through both infection control equipment, hygienic air-conditioning in operating theatres(Mediclean UCV) and Symposia telesurgery solutions.

Whilst the above are of high interest to surgeons and clinical team, it falls to the hospital procurement and Facilities and Estates engineers to implement the solutions, in conditions less than ideal, when they are forced to work remotely, where possible.

We would like to invite them, as well as clinical teams, to experience and view our operating theatre product range by visiting our demonstration suite virtual tour. The tour is interactive and you can see Brandon Medical products in action by selecting the animations on the bottom left corner, and operating room lighting settings on the bottom right corner. Hot spots will link you to the respective equipment website page which you can view and read without leaving the tour.

Also, you can see the range of products in a number of applications on our website, under My Specialism section.

Brandon Medical is able to demonstrate live from our headquarters in Leeds through use of our Symposia telesurgery platforms -a range we provide as audio-video integrated OR, but also it allows us to demonstrate our entire range of equipment for both operating theatres and critical care areas

We hope these can be of help on preparing the hospitals now to return to elective surgeries as soon as possible and before the complete roll out of the vaccination programs.

Brandon Medical launches interactive virtual tour and live demonstration platforms

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