Armitage Shanks cleans up the public bathroom with hygienIQ

Published: 26-Apr-2013

New technology reduces splashback enhancing infection control

Sanitaryware manufacturer, Armitage Shanks, has announced a new breakthrough in the design of public urinals.

The hygenIQ urinal, designed by Goodwin Hartshorn, reduces splash-back by up to 90%, significantly reducing associated bacterial growth and washroom surface damage.

Using principles of advanced fluid dynamics, hygenIQ has a central fin cast within the bowl itself. Standing in front of the urinal the user’s flow will hit either side of the fin at a very shallow angle. There will be little or no splashing because, at such an angle surface tension will cause the fluid to cling to the inner side of the urinal bowl. Any splashing that does occur will remain in the bowl itself.

hygenIQ urinals have been subject to rigorous testing alongside traditional urinals. Results were visually captured under ultra-violet light conditions and revealed that traditional urinals create considerable splash back to the surrounding area. Further independent testing in association with the University of Hull proved that the new hygienIQ urinal reduces splash back by up to 90%.

Tony Rheinberg, marketing manager at Armitage Shanks, said: “In places like hospitals, where infection control is a major issue, splashed urine can present a significant risk to health.”

Leading biomedical scientist, Dr Ron Cutler, added: “The hygenIQ will help minimise the contamination of surfaces by urine and will reduce the potential for any contaminated urine to act as a source of infection. This new urinal technology will form a vital part of the future public washroom.”

The hygenIQ inlets, outlets and fixing points match their standard contour so it can easily be retrofitted with minimal disruption to the decorative finishes of public washrooms walls.

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