Work underway to boost breast screening services in Warrington

By Jo Makosinski | Published: 17-Apr-2023

Construction begins on additional facilities at Bath Street Health Centre

Breast screening services for Warrington residents are to receive a boost with construction work now underway to create additional screening capacity and clinical rooms at Bath Street Health & Wellbeing Centre.

Bath Street was built in 2012 to offer residents a range of integrated health and social care services in one state-of-the-art building.

The five-storey health centre includes GP practices, dental services, physiotherapy, a pharmacy, and breast screening services.

And, with a growing local population, Bath Street has been earmarked for £900,000 of investment to further expand services and facilities.

Construction work on the project is now underway and will help to deliver additional breast screening capacity and an improved patient experience. 

Fully accessible

The improvement works will help to create a second breast screening room, enabling the centre to screen even more patients.

Locating breast screening services into a modern, purpose-built clinical environment, and a building that is fully accessible with better transport and parking options, will also significantly improve the patient experience.

And additional clinical rooms will provide a boost to services.

To deliver the project a vacant office and meeting room space in the Bath Street building will be transformed to create clinical rooms.

Bath Street Health & Wellbeing Centre was delivered under the NHS LIFT Programme by Community Health Partnerships (CHP) and Renova, which will also carry out the improvement works.

Ian Butterworth of Renova said: “Bath Street already plays a vital role in supporting the wellbeing of local residents, but we are always looking for ways that we can increase and improve the facilities available to patients.

Increasing capacity

“By creating more breast screening capacity, more clinical space for staff to use, and a better experience for patients, the improvement works now underway at Bath Street will be a huge boost to local residents at such an important time for community health.”

Libby Doherty, portfolio manager at CHP, adds: “This project has been exciting to be involved from concept to delivery.

“Not only will we have decreased the void at the site to create new accessible breast screening rooms for Warrington and Halton Teaching Trust, but we will have moved a vital service into the community.

“The project has created an additional four new clinical rooms and an interview space which will allow many more services will be delivered in a central location in Warrington and help decrease the current NHS backlog.”


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