Tristel launches new surface wipe range

Published: 2-Feb-2012

Chlorine dioxide wipes change colour when active

Tristel has launched its new Sporicidal Surface Wipes range, offering a practical and effective way to decontaminate all hard surfaces, including those of non-invasive medical devices and food preparation areas.

Using chlorine dioxide to provide high-level disinfection against micro-organisms in under a minute, once activated, the wipe changes colour so the user knows it is ready for use. For improved safety, micro-organisms are killed on the wipe so they are not transferred to other surfaces during the decontamination process.

A Tristel spokesman said: “The surface wipe system generates chlorine dioxide when the activator foam is applied to the wipe. An almost instant reaction generates a controlled level of chlorine dioxide in aqueous solution, which is contained within the wipe. The wipe changes from pink to white when the chemical reaction has taken place, making it clear that it is ready for use. Also incorporated in the technology is a buffering system that stabilises the pH at close to that of the skin mantle and an inhibitor system that protects sensitive materials. The system can be used for the high-level disinfection of everything from commodes, wheelchairs, mattresses and beds tonear-patient areas and food preparation areas.”

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