The future of health and care

Published: 6-Oct-2023

For decades, our health and care system in the UK has served citizens, generated professional careers, and delivered world-leading care. Traditional ways of working are embedded into this indispensable and complex ecosystem, but it is unfortunately clear that the model is not future fit

Multiple levels of structural reform over the years have not yet provided the radical change needed to sustain NHS service levels. Nor have they enabled the future models of care required to address key challenges: evolving healthcare needs, insufficient funding, staff shortages, the backlog (especially following COVID-19), and an ageing population.

With these core themes in mind, and using our health and care experts’ first-hand experience having worked in the NHS for almost 30 years, we developed CGI’s vision for the future of health and care. We believe that impactful transformation goes far beyond simply adopting the latest technologies. It requires a complete overhaul of the system with a focus on people, process, then technology.

  1. People – It’s people (your workforce, citizens, their circles of care) who should inform your health and care services, as the NHS’ challenges are best understood by them. That’s why at CGI, we apply user research to help organisations identify the real need for change.
  2. Process – Our service design approach defines your existing processes and highlights requirements for future pathways of care. We help secure the fundamentals for a programme management office to deliver impactful change aligned to your specific organisational objectives.
  3. Technology – Technology is the enabler of change. We use our capability across areas including artificial intelligence, automation, cyber security, cloud and infrastructure to help the NHS transform healthcare experiences.

Read our brochure to find out more about our vision for the future of health and care, and explore how we can support your organisation with our four propositions designed to help transform the sector:

  1. Organisational change and transformation
  2. Staff wellness and engagement
  3. Financial sustainability
  4. Service design.

If you'd like an informal chat about what your transformation journey with CGI might look like, please click here and our health and care
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