Report suggests digital technology is a crucial step in reforming social care

By Jo Makosinski | Published: 8-Feb-2023

Tunstall Healthcare and the County Councils Network release a new report revealing adoption of digital technology is crucial to maximise staff time while workforces face declining numbers

Tunstall Healthcare and the County Councils Network (CCN) have launched a new report which argues that the potential of technology to support those with social care needs is growing ‘exponentially’ each year. 

This new report follows the 2021 document, Employing Assistive Technology in Adult Social Care, also delivered by the CCN and Tunstall, and looks into the impact of digital technology on adult social care and the importance of implementing digital change across the care landscape. 

Adopting the right technology to transform social care, written by experts from both organisations, was unveiled to stakeholders, decision makers, and Tunstall customers in a digital webinar last week.

The event was hosted by Tunstall and the CCN, alongside Councillor Martin Tett, leader of Buckinghamshire Council, who chaired the panel; and James Bullion, executive director of adult social care services in Norfolk, who provided a local authority perspective. 

As well as transforming services, the report finds that digital transformation can hugely benefit care users, from allowing more independence, to widening understanding around condition management and reducing anxiety. 

Tunstall’s work with the CCN has detailed a strategic pathway to adopting digital technologies effectively into the care sector, from enabling local authorities, through to ensuring smooth delivery of care, and embedding the change for good.

Practical steps recommended in the report include:

  • Not underestimating the time it takes to embed change
  • Thinking about what good procurement processes look like from a market perspective
  • Working in partnership with providers to deliver effective TEC and data-led practice

Cllr Tett said: “The adult social care sector faces many challenges, but there are effective solutions that can help to bring efficiency, ease the burden on staff, and ensure targeted care for those who need it.

“This new report sets a precedent for implementing technological advancements within social care services and provides an informative guide for how to create lasting, positive change at a community level.”

Simon Edwards, director of the CCN, adds: “This report is the natural sibling of our previous work with Tunstall in 2021.

“Perhaps, most importantly, this piece discusses how we get the right care to the right people, the right devices and technology into people’s homes, and how we can support an ageing population with a stretched workforce.” 

And Gavin Bashar, managing director of Tunstall UK and Ireland, told the webinar: “The adoption of digital technology has great potential to contribute to  the smooth running of adult social care services as we look to the new government reforms for the care sector.

“This new report provides a summary of some of the benefits offered by care technology as well as practical suggestions for the implementation of these changes.”

For more information and to read the report, click here.

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